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Adapters Thwart IC Obsolescence

Addressing IC obsolescence issues for products with long life cycles, the FlexFrame adapters consist of phosphor bronze pins loaded into a FR4 carrier and bent into shapes that emulate gullwing or j-leads on the IC package they replace. To create a reliable interconnect, the adapter connector solders between the adapter and host PCB. According to the company, many of the ICs going obsolete are in SMT gullwing and j-lead packages such as QFPs, PLCCs, TSOPs, and SOICs. The FlexFrame footprint-conversion adapters replace this family of packages. For flexible configuration, options include unique pin locations and pitches, various standoff heights, and windows in the carrier that allow components placement in the center of the interconnect and on the bottom of the adapter. Pricing for the adapters plus components range from $1 to $20 each plus components depending on complexity and volume. For more information, call INTERCONNECT SYSTEMS INC., Camarillo, CA. (805) 482-2870.


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