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Adhesive Makes Flexible, Conductive Bonds

Applications involving flex circuits, smart cards, and the bonding of heat-sensitive components and substrates are all earmarked for use by a new one-part epoxy adhesive. Tra-Duct 2929 adhesive has been formulated to develop resilient, electrically- and thermally-conductive bonds, with the flexibility of the bonds allowing for easy component repair and replacement.The epoxy adhesive can be cured at low temperatures, or the cure rate can be accelerated by using heat. In addition, the adhesive's fast gel time, non-stringing, finely tuned rheology is conducive to dispensability in high-speed assembly equipment Tra-Duct 2929 is available in pre-mixed and frozen cartridges and syringes of various sizes.

Company: TRA-CON INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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