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Air Cylinder Socket Retention System Streamlines Test Processes

The ET 5000 air cylinder socket retention system emerges as a unique test and development fixture employing compressed air to pressurize the system. Described as an innovative design, the system requires just 1 mm of space around the chip and eliminates the need for soldering, tooling holes, or any type of mechanical hold down. It is suitable for failure analysis where there’s no room for a surface-mount socket and no ability to add tooling holes for a compression-mount socket. Applications include development, debug, failure analysis, hand test, programming, test of ASIC or FPGAs, package and chip qualification, and production prototyping. The socket, available separately, operates at bandwidths up to 23 GHz with -1 dB of insertion loss and pitches down to 0.1 mm. Price for the ET 5000 air cylinder retention system starts at $495 each. EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 232-7837.


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