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App Creates Custom Terminal Block Labels

Working with its Marcom2000 custom marking tag system, the company's new software allows system users to program their plotters from a PC to produce custom circuit ID tags for the company's terminal blocks, rectangular multi-pole connectors, and electronic housings. In addition to a Windows-based environment, the program files are e-mail compliant, making it easier to transfer label information between users. The software offers a variety of label templates, font sizes, electrical symbols, and text alignment tools, including copy and paste. An the software's increment functions allow users to quickly create multiple sets of marking tags. The software supports Windows 3.1/95/98/NT and will run on any PC using a 486 processor or higher with a minimum of 4 MB of RAM and 5 MB of available disk space. For current users of the Marcom2000 system, the software upgrade is free of charge.


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