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Automated Design Tool Targets Configurable Power Supplies

The ability to specify, verify, and order configurable power supplies online and in real time is made possible with the introduction of VCAD (Vicor Configurable Automated Design), an automated design tool the gives power designers more real-time control over the design and manufacture of their power supplies. With the tool, designers have the ability to explore a variety of solutions and meet their electrical and mechanical requirements and meet time-to-market demands.
Customers can choose from available input voltages, output configurations, and an optional power-up/power-down sequencing features to design custom power solutions at standard lead times and standard prices. VCAD is at the heart of the company's VIPAC, a type of power system that leverages the latest advances in second-generation dc/dc converters and modular front-ends and incorporates a new partitioned power architecture.

Company: VICOR CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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