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Backplane Connectors Boost Flexibility

Backplane Connectors Boost Flexibility

Two additions to the high-density, high-speed Impact Backplane connector system, the Impact CoPlanar and Impact Mezzanine connector systems, promise the ultimate flexibility to optimize designs for superior mechanical and electrical performance. The Impact system is available in two- to six-pair configurations with a complete range of guidance and power options. It provides data rates up to 25 Gb/s and densities up to 80 differential pairs per inch. The system's broad-edge-coupled transmission technology reportedly enables low cross talk and high signal bandwidth while minimizing channel-performance variations across the differential pair. An end-to-end stackable system employing Impact leadframe and backplane header technologies, the Impact five-pair mezzanine allows 67 differential pairs per linear inch and provides data rates up to 25 Gb/s. The current stacking height is 40 mm, but can be customized to heights between 18 mm and 40 mm. Impact 5 pair power systems handle up to 100A per module and feature four discrete power lines per module. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.
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