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Backplane System Handles More Than 12.5 Gbits/s

The I-Trac Backplane Connector System from Molex Inc. employs a broadside-coupled, skew-equalized design that can handle data rates over 12.5 Gbits/s. Additionally, it offers superior impedance control, lower crosstalk, and higher overall bandwidth compared to other solutions. The system’s unique open pin-field design gives users the flexibility to assign high-speed differential pairs, low-speed signals, power, and ground contacts anywhere within the pin field.

Molex recently demonstrated a reference backplane based on the I-Trac Backplane Connector System as part of the Ethernet Alliance 10-Gbit/s demonstration at Interop 2007. The I-Trac Reference Backplane is a versatile system-level evaluation platform that system design teams can use to quickly and accurately evaluate channel performance under a variety of design parameters and conditions. Several versions of the Reference Backplanes are available for use by customers and industry partners. To learn more about the I-Trac system and the Reference Backplane, visit www.molex.com.

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