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Barrier Blocks Sport Integral Safety Covers

To combat the problem of lost or misplaced covers, a new line of barrier blocks includes a permanently attached and hinged barrier block cover. With the product, installers lift the attached hinged cover, make the necessary field connections, and snap the cover closed to complete the job. The design is suitable for applications in which finger safety is a concern, such as high-power systems and other similar environments. Two series, the C31M and C34M, are available in a modular construction and offered in 2- to 24-pole configurations. The C31M Series comes with a current rating of 10A at 300 Vac with a pitch of 7.62 mm. The C34M Series is rated at 15A at 300 Vac with a pitch of 9.5 mm. Operating temperature range is from -40°C to +105°C. Construction for the C-34 series is of Polyamide 66 (94V-O) with tin-plated brass terminals supplied with screws of nickel-plated M3.5 steel. The C-31 is supplied in 3.0 steel. The standard color for the products is black. Pricing is $0.29 per pole in lots of 100 for the C31M. BLOCKMASTER ELECTRONICS INC., Grove Village, IL. (800) 595-8881.


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