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Benchtop Dispenser Is Accurate

For dispensing adhesives, solder paste and other materials, LDS-9000 combines positive displacement technology with an intelligent µP and plastic syringe capability to offer a cost-effective solution with accuracy and repeatability in a benchtop dispenser. Based on a proprietary mechanical dispensing design that overcomes limitations of traditional pneumatic dispensers, the LDS-9000 does not depend on the transference of air pressure to the column of fluid being dispensed, which can cause inconsistencies in the deposited amount. The LDS-9000 uses a linear actuator inside the dispensing gun and a mechanical lead screw that lowers a piston to move the material out of a free-flowing syringe tip. The dispenser is available in 3, 5, 10 and 30 cc sizes, and can be fitted with a variety of needles.


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