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BGA Socket Accommodates 0.8 mm Pitch

For users of 0.8-mm pitch, 332-ball BGA/CSP devices, such as Motorola's 1473-01 package, the SG-BGA-6156 surface-mount (SMT) BGA socket relies on a conductive elastomer contactor to support high-density, 17 mm x 17 mm ICs. The socket guides the device into the exact position for connection of each ball and uses an aluminum heatsink screw to provide compressive force. A thermal pad conducts heat from the silicon to the heat sink screw. The component requires no mounting holes and needs just 3.75 mm of perimeter space for a SF-BGA332A-B-05 SMT adaptor to be soldered on the target PCB. This adaptor is made of high-temperature FR4 and provides eutectic SN63PB37 solder balls plus threaded inserts for mounting the socket. Single-unit prices for the SG-BGA-6156 and SF-BGA332A-B-05 are $417 and $112, respectively. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Eagan, MN. (800) 404-0204


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