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BGA-Socket Adapter Supports Samsung MCP Memory Device

BGA-Socket Adapter Supports Samsung MCP Memory Device

The SF-BGA199B-B-05 BGA-socket adapter accepts Samsung’s 0.65-mm pitch, 12 mm x 16 mm body 18X22 array MCP KMYFE0C0CM-D300 memory IC’s. The BGA SMT adapter consists of solder balls on the bottom side and round pads on the topside and is slightly larger than the IC to accommodate threaded inserts on four corners. The company’s GHz socket can be mounted on to this adapter using the screws that mate into the threaded insert. The adapter is constructed with high temperature FR-4 materials to ensure a match with the target PCB’s CTE. The 0.65mm BGA SMT Adapters are available in many different pin counts and custom versions can be delivered in days. Single-unit pricing for the SF-BGA199B-B-05 is $315. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Burnsville, MN. (800) 404-0204.


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