In-Board-Mounted DC Jack Trims Height To 2.55 mm

In-Board-Mounted DC Jack Trims Height To 2.55 mm

Suyin’s two-pin, right-angle dc jack, the 040015FR003XX06ZL, provides a power connection for external plug-in power supplies used with stationary or mobile devices. The right-angle jack, which integrates through-hole technology (THT), measures 13.9 by 9.9 by 9.0 mm and can be mounted inside the printed-circuit board (PCB) to save space. As a result, its height above the PCB surface reduces to just 2.55mm. Equipped with a spring-loaded switch contact and a 2.5mm-diameter centre pin, the jack will accept a 5.5mm-diameter dc plug connector. Specs include a current/voltage rating of 9A/20Vdc per pin, 5000 mating cycles, 30mΩ (initial) contact resistance, and 500MΩ (initial) insulation resistance. The connectors are supplied in tape-and-reel packaging for automatic placement.

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