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Buck Regulator Generates Bias Power In Space-Saving CSP

The LM5007 80-V buck bias regulator comes in a 4- by 4-mm LLP chip-scale package (CSP). As a result, the chip can replace more expensive and less efficient transformer-coupled flyback regulators, which are frequently used to convert a high-voltage primary-side supply to a low-voltage bias supply for secondary-side control devices. Also offered in an MSOP, the eight-pin device integrates an 80-V n-channel MOSFET rated for peak currents of 0.7 A and switching frequencies up to 500 kHz (see the online figure). Other chip features include an integrated boost capacitor diode, soft-start, and thermal protection. Available today, the LM5007 costs $1.05 each in lots of 1000 units.

National Semiconductor Corp.

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