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Cable Assemblies Bring Flexibility To Low-Outgassing Applications

The versaFLEX and hyperFLEX lines of cable assemblies offer increased flexibility (20% to 50%), lighter weight, and smaller diameters than the company's previous-generation cables. These assemblies suit applications that require limited outgassing, such as use in space or a simulated space environment. The versaFLEX cables are built with materials that have a total mass loss (TML) of 1% or less and a Collected Volatile Condensable Materials (CVCM) of 0.1% or less. Models 3090DH and 3090DV feature 10-32 coaxial plugs on both ends. Models 3053H and 3053V have an M3 coaxial plug on one end and a 10-32 plug on the other. Both cable assembly lines feature a coupling nut that utilizes a unique diamond-back knurl. This allows increased torque to be applied to the nut, providing a more secure connection. In addition, versaFLEX cable assemblies use an extruded polymer jacket that resists water penetration, helping to avoid ground loops in applications involving condensation or submersion. For pricing information, contact the company.

www.endevco.com; (949) 493-8181

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