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Cable Management Products Work In Clean Rooms

A complete line of cable management products designed to meet the requirements of clean rooms has been introduced. These products are halogen-free, low shed, anti-static, and do not out-gas harmful chemicals, making them suited for use in a variety of applications. For strain relief, Skintop SL and SLR connectors are made of a halogen-free clean room polyamide material. Available in PG, NPT and Metric thread types, the connectors are UL, CSA, VDE and CE approved and rated for IP 68 applications. EPDM clean room grade bushings are also available as are two new conduit products-- SILVYN FD-PU and SILVYN RILL PA-12-- providing flexibility and protection from airborne particulates and contamination. For applications where a cable carrier is necessary to support flexing cables, PureMotion eliminates vibration and noise.


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