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Clean Adhesives Assemble Touch Screens

Offered as the next generation of electronically-clean adhesives, ARclean 9008 and 9033 promise improved cleanliness and physical properties for perimeter-spacer bonding in resistive touchscreens. Both are double-sided tapes made from what is said to be an improved version of the companyÕs acrylic and acid-free adhesive.The adhesives feature low extractable ions and resistance to environmental aging while minimizing corrosion, fogging and oxidation. ARclean 9008 is available in a 3-mm thickness and 9033 in a 7.5-mm thickness. Both adhesives employ a polyester film carrier to provide a dielectric barrier between the bonded surfaces. For further information, contact ADHESIVE RESEARCH INC., Glen Rock, PA. (800) 445-6240.


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