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CompactPCI/PXI Chassis Cubes Boast Mounting Flexibility

Members of the cPCI-2500 chassis series are CompactPCI/PXI cubes that include 10 3U slots. With an optional 6.4-in. TFT LCD, the cubes come equipped with all the necessary hardware to meet a wide variety of configurations, applications, and environments.

The cPCI-2500 chassis is mountable on ceiling, wall (top-, bottom-, or side-mounted), desktop, rack, or even mobile surfaces with a versatile ac-dc modular power supply. Features include five 3U 32-bit user-defined peripheral cards, a two-slot ac-dc power supply, and a three-slot CPU card. These cards can be swapped out by simply inserting new cards. All cubes come with a free mounting kit, a 32-bit PCI bus connection, two 90-CFM fans, and air filters for optimum performance. With an all-aluminum chassis, the cube series performs well in extreme and rugged environments. The chassis endures under the rough treatment of transportation vehicles regardless of EMI and vibrations.

The cPCI-2500 series cubes start at $1450.

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