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Conductive Adhesives Promise High Reliability

Electrically conductive, the ARclad 92262 and ARclad 92264 adhesives are suitable for use in personal communication devices and other electronics applications that require highly reliable conductivity. The ARclad 92262 adhesive is a 0.045 mm conductive acrylic adhesive with low volume resistance. Target applications include bonding for EMI shields, ground plane assemblies, and electrical interconnections. A 0.05-mm acrylic adhesive, ARclad 92264 offers an alternative to anisotropic conductive films that require heat and high pressure to apply. Typical applications include capacitance sensors, multi-pin connectors, and other fine pitch signal apps. Both formulations adhere to film and metal substrates including Kapton, gold and stainless steel, with oxide penetration that allows the adhesives to make solid contact with metal. For more information, ADHESIVES RESEARCH INC., Glen Rock, PA. (800) 445-6240.


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