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Conductive Plastics Provide Reliable EMI Shielding

Said to be rugged, lightweight, and resistant to the elements, PREMIER conductive plastics provide EMI shielding levels to greater than 90 dB. The molded plastic parts employ a proprietary dispersion of long, nickel-plated carbon fibers in a variety of resin matrices. These evenly dispersed, randomly oriented fibers allows integration of the material into housings without the need for additional processing steps, such as plating, painting, or vacuum coating. The long fiber manufacturing process is said to significantly improve shielding performance compared to previous methods in which short-milled or chopped fibers are susceptible to breakdown and inconsistent fiber-to-fiber contact. Plastic components can be molded with wall thicknesses of less than 0.8 mm. For further information, call Fred Tocco at CHOMERICS, Woburn, MA. (781) 939-4622.


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