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Conductive, Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Resist Stress

Long-term stability and resistance to environmental stress are key features of a line of electrically-conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Combining good bond strength and high tack, the adhesives are highly conductive in the z-axis, exhibiting 10-milliohm/sq. in. volume resistance for electrical grounding. The tapes can be used to interconnect, ground and shield products and include ARclad 8001, ARclad 8257 and Flexshield 8269 varieties.
ARclad 8001 is a high-tack, double-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive system that utilizes an electrically conductive adhesive and demonstrates excellent conductivity in the X, Y and Z axes. ARclad 8257 is an electrically conductive pressure-sensitive transfer adhesive offering instant, high-strength bonding and fast application. It is suited for use in fabricating die cut components used in instrumentation. Flexshield 8269 is also suited for use in instrumentation and portable electronics.


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