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Connector Family Increases Pin Count

With new 37- and 51-way versions, the APD series of DIN72585 connectors are aimed at reducing the number of connectors in a system, saving space and lowering costs. The connectors are suited for high shock and vibration applications such as found in automotive, transportation and industrial environments. Both use lightweight composite body materials, and bayonet coupling ensures a tight, vibration resistant connection. The connectors are rated for a maximum of 12A at 85° C (105° C for short durations), and the connector seals meet specification IP69K. The 51-way connector can carry 2A at 120° C. Insulation resistance for both types is 10 M?, and the withstanding voltage is 1,000 Vac. The 37-way version is rated for 20 mating cycles while the 51-way can handle 40 mating cycles. Pricing for both types is around $4.50 each/1,000. ITT INDUSTRIES CANNON, Newton, MA. (714) 628-8282.


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