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Connector Saver Adapter Cuts Test Costs

RFindustries-AThe P2RFD-1660-SS low-loss, low-VSWR, precision adapter can become a “connector saver” when testing 7-16 DIN connectors. Test ports for the large-format, 50-Ω 7-16 DIN connectors, used in high-power wireless telecom applications, are subject to minimal wear when coupling and decoupling the connector interface. For example, contact pins and dielectrics can be damaged if connectors are misaligned during coupling. However, after installing the connector saver adapter on the test port, hundreds of tests, even PIM testing (requiring greater torque per test to ensure proper ground), can be performed before replacement is needed due to wear. One mating cycle on the test port to 500 or more on the connector saver increases the test port’s testing life, thus saving cost. RF Connectors’ P2RFD-1660-SS is machined to precise specifications with a white bronze-plated body and stainless-steel coupling nut to avoid tarnish.


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