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Connectors Deliver Power To MicroTCA Systems

Connectors Deliver Power To MicroTCA Systems

With an eye on MicroTCA specifications, the company offers an array of combination D-subminiature connectors for the power input interface. Variants include the 46V 7W2, 24V 9W4, 12V 5W5, and the 12V 15W4 high-density variant. The QB series offers all four Combo D variants and offers a variety of features such as single or stacked dual port packages, right-angle PCB-mount connectors, contact resistance values as low as 0.00035?, current ratings up to 80A, short hoods with internal cable clamps suitable for use in tight spaces, a full range of contact plating options including military grade, and contacts with closed-entry contact options. Cost for a 48V, 7W2 dual port version is $7.58 each/1,000 pieces. POSITRONIC INDUSTRIES, Springfield, MI. (800) 641-4054.
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