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Connectors Push In For Speedy Connection, Disconnection

Effective for all lighting and other electrical applications, a new push-in connector has been designed for fast connection and disconnection on both the appliance and installation sides. The CPW connector is molded in UL94-V2 self-extinguishing beige PA66 and comes in versions from two to five poles—2, 2+E, 3+E and 4+E. Three different types of earth connection encompass internal fast earthing, screw earthing and plug-in earthing. Versions without earthing can be supplied and all types are designed with or without fixing pins. Terminals can have standard or custom markings. Specifications include maximum voltage of 450V ac, working temperature from –5° to +85°, steel and copper insert and strapping steel insert strap. Isolation wire length specifications range from 8 mm to 9 mm for wires from 0.5 mm² to 1.0 mm²; 9mm to 10 mm for wires from 1.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²; and 9 mm to 11 mm for capacitor circuits at a test current of 24A. A strain relief clamp secures external conductors in lighting fixtures according to EN60598 and prevents conductors from twisting as well as protecting wire coatings from abrasion and friction. CAMDEN ELECTRONICS LTD., Hertfordshire, England. +44(0)1727 864437.


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