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Electronic Design

Cords Help Prevent Medical Equipment Disconnects

V-Lock-Hospital-Grade-Transparent-240x160Two new hospital-grade V-Lock power cords developed by Schurter are designed to ensure patient safety in critical medical and dental applications. The cords protect against accidental disconnection of the power cord from equipment. They come with EN/IEC 60320 C13 and C19 cord connectors on the equipment end, and NEMA 5-15 on the plug end (a green dot on the plug end indicates that it meets UL 817 testing). The power cord with the C13 connector (using SJT 3x16 AWG cable) is rate 13 A/125 V ac. The cord with the C19 connector (using SJT 3x14 AWG cable), is rated 15 A/125 V ac. The cord connectors have a lever that latches into a notched power inlet. It’s removed from the inlet when the lever is depressed and the catch mechanism released. The white power cords measure 10 feet, or 3 meters in length.


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