Crimp-Style Wire-To-Board Connector Suits Low-Current/Voltage LED Apps

Crimp-Style Wire-To-Board Connector Suits Low-Current/Voltage LED Apps

The LEH series wire-to-board, crimp-style disconnectable connector comes in subminiature size: 1.8-mm (0.071-in.) pitch and side entry mating height of 3.0 mm (0.118 in.). Developed by JST Corp. for LED light applications, particularly with low-current, low-voltage conditions, the connector’s low profile doesn’t interfere with the luminescence angle of printed-circuit-board-mounted LED dies. The polarized surface-mount device has a friction locking feature when mated to the cable housing, and includes an audible click when mated. Its housing is notched on one side to facilitate location of the pin 1 position. The connector series is available in two circuits with a 3.0-A (ac/dc) rating using a 22 AWG wire at 300 V ac/dc. Contacts accommodate wires sizes AWG 22 to 26, and consist of tin-plated, copper-alloy base material. Operating temperature ranges from ‒55 to +105°C, including temperature rise in applying electrical current. Mounting configuration is solely side entry (right angle).


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