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Databus Connector Enables Reliable Data Transmissions

Databus Connector Enables Reliable Data Transmissions

Supporting a variety of data types, the CIR-M12 circular bayonet databus connector allows designers to initiate data transfers from Ethernet, MVB, WTB, and video lines according to VG95234 within the same connector. Targeting mass-transit applications, the connector employs the company’s Quadrax QXM12 contacts mounted into FRCIR series hardware. Four wires and the associated braid from shielded cables are integrated into the contact and a special plastic insert groups multiple QXM12 contacts and their cables into a singular connector. Contacts are rated at 3A, with a maximum of 10A for 1 ms, and operating voltage is 100 Vdc. Insulation resistance is 10 G?. Typical pricing for the CIR-M12 connector including plug, receptacle, and four male and female contacts is approximately $255. Lead time is from eight to 10 weeks. For more details, contact Nas Echeverria at ITT Interconnect Solutions, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 628-8370.


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