Electronic Design

Daughtercard Connector Handles 20 Gbits/s

With enhanced via impedance, lower crosstalk, and data rates up to 20 Gbits/s, the Z-PACK HM-Zd Plus daughtercard connector will find its way into a range of telecom, test, and medical equipment applications. The device, developed by TE Connectivity, is fully compatible with previous HM-Zd connectors, enabling quick and efficient upgrades to current system architectures. Its contacts are designed with a smaller eye-of-the-needle (0.46 mm) to tighten impedance control, which also helps improve insertion loss. Density ranges up to 16 differential pairs per centimeter in a 25.4-mm slot-pitch; available options are two, three, and four pairs per column. Integrated pre-alignment features and polarization are built into the mating interface. The connector also meets the Advanced Differential Fabric requirements of the PICMG’s 3.X ATCA specification.


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