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Different BGA Packages Accommodated By BGA Socket

The Configurable High Insertion Count (CHIC) Socket lets users of programming and automatic test equipment accommodate any BGA package. It improves electrical contact reliability compared to conventional burn-in style socket technology. The device consists of a socket platform with an array of contact pads that accommodate any BGA with the same contact pitch, and a personality nest that fits over the platform. To test chips in a different BGA package, users only need to change the nest. The CHIC Socket features a 500,000-insertion cycle life. Alignment nests from 15 by 15 mm to 3 by 3 mm are offered in 0.5-, 0.65-, 0.75-, 0.80-, and 1.0-mm pitches. Single sockets cost $1750 and include one device-specific nest. Additional nests cost $85 each. Quantity pricing is available.

Signal Transfer Technology; (408) 846-8600

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