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Dispensing System Ensures Constant Lubricant

Addressing parts that require constant lubrication, the I&J model SV1217SS spray valve and programmable controller SVC100 employ time and pressure sequencing to precisely direct a fine mist of lubricant to the moving parts. Controlling the relationship between the lubricant start signal and the misting signal allows the lubricant line pressure to start momentarily after the misting pressure initiates. The process then reverses at the end of the cycle. Supporting lubricant viscosities up to 1,000 cps, the system can keep up with fast revolving machinery cycling at speeds up to 400 cycles per minute. For further information, call I&J FISNAR INC., Fair Lawn, NJ. (201) 796-1477.

Company: I&J FISNAR INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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