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Double-Coated Tapes Spec Tearing Bonds To 90%

The 3175M and 5944 double-coated tapes provide foam tearing bonds up to 90% of tested urethanes, neoprene, and polyethylene foams, as well as reliable bonding strength to most corks and rubber materials. The 3175M double-coated aggressive rubber polyester film and the 5944M double-coated rubber and acrylic tape systems are available in several widths and liner options to meet most fabricating requirements. Bonding to most foam and gasket materials, the 3175M tape system suits automotive, construction, electronics, foam fabricating, industrial, and sound attenuation applications. It consists of a rubber-based adhesive on the exposed and liner sides that bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. Combining both rubber and acrylic adhesive technologies, 5944M relies on a high-tack, high-peel, moderate-shear rubber-based adhesive coating on the liner side. The exposed side employs a high-tack, low-shear acrylic adhesive. For more details, call ADCHEM CORP., Riverhead, NY. (631) 727-6000.


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