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Dual-Sided Fine-Pitch Packages Blend Performance, Cost Benefits

The high performance of array packages combined with the low cost of lead frames can be found in the dual fine-pitch no-leads DFN and enhanced DFN+ packages. Advanced Interconnect Technologies' (AIT) DFN and DFN+ permit passive-component integration on two open sides of the lead frame. Both target cell phones, portable computers, PDAs, and automotive systems that require top performance in a small footprint with low manufacturing costs.

"These packages eliminate gull-wing leads that can act as noise-creating antennas and mechanically induced defects caused by coplanarity," explains AIT technical support manager Frank Jusky, whose background includes years of packaging experience at Motorola and Amkor. Thermal and electrical performance exceeds those of laminate packages. Exposed die remove heat directly, and low 0.75- or 0.90-mm profiles mean faster signal speeds. A high-contrast black background improves lead alignment for optical SMT equipment.

"We can handle 0402 and 0201 standard passive component sizes," notes Jusky. "And cost savings can be 20% to 30% over conventional IC packages."

Advanced Interconnect Technologies
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