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Elastomer Socket Handles BGA PLL Clock Drivers

Elastomer Socket Handles BGA PLL Clock Drivers

Accommodating 0.8-mm pitch, 96-position BGAs, the PA-BGA96C-Z-01 probing and prototyping adapter with GHz BGA socket employs a high-performance, low-inductance elastomer contactor. Operating temperature range is from -35°C to +100°C, pin self inductance is 0.11 nH, and mutual inductance is 0.028 nH. Other specs include a capacitance to ground of 0.028 pF and a current capacity of 2A per pin. The component works with most 0.8-mm pitch, 16x6 array clock drivers and the BGA socket is mounted on a PCB which interfaces the 96-position BGA socket to a 0.1" center pin grid array on the bottom side. The socket also routes to 0.1" center test points on the top of the PCB for debugging. Single-unit pricing for the PA-BGA96C-Z-01 is $760. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Burnsville, MN. (800) 404-0204.

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