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Elastomer System Touts Abrasion Resistance

Designed for high-performance bonding, sealing, casting and encapsulation applications, the EP30D-9 compound combines characteristics of epoxy resins such as strength, chemical resistance and adhesive qualities with those of polyurethanes including toughness, abrasion resistance and flexibility. Formulated to cure at room temperature, it can cure more rapidly at elevated temperatures. The EP30D-9 has a 100-to-15 mix ratio by weight and can be applied evenly and smoothly on vertical surfaces without dripping. Lauded for its resistance to thermal cycling, the EP30D-9 has low water absorption, low moisture permeability and high hydrolytic stability. Adhesion to metals, concrete, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is said to be reliable. Bonds are highly resistant to exposure to vibration, impact and shock. This compound has been specifically formulated to resist exposure to water, salts, alkalis, acids and many organic chemicals over a temperature range of –60°F to 250°F. For pricing, call MASTER BOND INC., Hackensack, NJ. (201) 343-8983.


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