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Elastomeric Compounds Given Thermal Management Assignments

Three new series of products based on silicone elastomer compounds have been added to the HeatPath family of thermal interface materials. They include: GTQ 1200 series of thin interface materials; GTQ 2200 series of gap filler pads; and GTQ TB and CS tubes and molded molded. The GTQ 1200 series employ alumina- or alumina/aluminum nitride-filled silicone elastomers and come in six standard thicknesses ranging from 0.15 to 0.85 mm. They are offered with and without fiberglass reinforcement, and their thermal conductivity ranges from 1.1 to 2.6 W/m-°K. The GTP 2200 pads use a soft, alumina-filled silicone and have a low thermal resistance, a 1.5-W/m-°K thermal conductivity, a hardness rating of

Company: RAYCHEM CORP. - Electronics OEM Components Division

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TAGS: Components
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