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Encapsulants Promote Fast Curing And High Reliability

The Hysol 3323, 3327, and 3329 UV-cure encapsulants promise faster curing times, improved adhesion, minimized tape warpage, and sustained performance during reliability testing when compared to existing UV- or thermal-cure encapsulants. Each has been designed for the encapsulation of wire-bonded dies in Smart Card ICs. Hysol 3323 has high viscosity with a thixotropic nature and is used to form the dam, while Hysol 3327 and 3329 are both low viscosity materials used for the fill process. The physical and chemical properties of the three are closely matched, such that Hysol 3323 dam encapsulant is intended for use only with Hysol 3327 or 3329. Hysol 3329 has a higher glass transition temperature of 155°C, when compared to 110°C for Hysol 3327, and higher shore hardness. Either combination will pass mechanical stress testing and high-reliability tests from –55°C to +125°C temperature cycling and heat/humidity aging at 85°C and 85% relative humidity. HENKEL LOCTITE CORP., Rocky Hill, CT. (800) 562-8483.


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