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Enclosure Design Meets Increasing Power Density Needs

The NetShelter VX is an easy-to-use enclosure for data centers and computer rooms. It addresses major trends within the data center, including rack-optimized thin servers with increased depth and the trend towards higher power densities.

Enhanced thermal management features include front and rear doors that maximize airflow by promoting the natural cooling properties of installed servers and networking equipment. The managed separation of power and data cables maintains data integrity by eliminating the effects of EMI. An open ventilation area of 830 in.2 in the front and 839 in.2 in the rear of the rack maximize ventilation. To eliminate confusion on where to mount equipment within the rack, numbered "U" positions are marked on all four vertical mounting rails. A simple baying method enables multiple racks to be joined together.

The NetShelter VX series is available in heights of 25U, 42U, and 47U. While depths of 35.5 and 42 in. are featured, available widths include a 23.5-in. version for EIA 19-in. equipment and a 29.5-in. version for either 23-in. telecommunications gear or EIA 19-in. equipment. Available now, the NetShelter VX series enclosures range in price from $1149 to $1539.

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