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Enhanced BeO Boosts Thermal Conductivity By 15%

Delivering a thermal conductivity (TC) of 325 W/mK, an enhanced beryllium oxide (BeO) material, BW3250 beats previous materials by over 15%. BeO serves as an insulating material in high-power RF and microwave power transistor packages and electron devices that power broadcast transmitters and radar systems. The significant increase in TC will allow devices that can handle higher RF outputs. Other recent improvements to the company’s BeO products include the ability to produce plates up to 4.5” by 4.5”, which cuts costs by permitting more patterns to be created on one plate. Also, the new BW1000 substrates increase material strength by up to 25% to 38,000 lb./in.2 Advanced BW3250 is available for evaluation today. BRUSH CERAMIC PRODUCTS INC., Tucson, AZ. (520) 746-0251.


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