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Epoxy Encapsulant Lends Stoutness To Coils

The firm’s Stycast XT 1169 encapsulant can be used to impregnate tightly wound coils and components or large castings. The encapsulant is said to feature excellent resistance to thermal shock and impact, which enables finished assemblies to endure harsh operating environments.The semi-rigid, two-component epoxy also provides good abrasion resistance, long-term moisture resistance, and superior electrical properties. Another feature is low viscosity, which makes the material easy to dispense. Formulated from epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate (UV-curable) or silicone chemistries, the Stycast encapsulate systems have proven reliable for electronic insulation. The materials’ large application range runs the gamut from automotive and aerospace equipment to transformers, capacitors, rectifiers, and more.

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