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Extreme-Temp Socket Aimed At Electronic Filter Testing

Extreme-Temp Socket Aimed At Electronic Filter Testing

Possessing an operating temperature range of −55 to +155°C, Ironwood Electronics’ stamped spring pin socket addresses high-performance requirements for testing DFN6 electronic filters. The CBT-QFN-7033’s stamped spring pin contactor features 34-gram actuation force per ball, and a cycle life of 10,000+ insertions. Self-inductance is 0.9 nH and capacitance measures 0.03 pF. Insertion loss is less than 1 dB at 9.1 GHz. Each contactor maintains 2.2-A current capacity. The socket with clamshell lid accommodates two DFN devices. Device position won’t distort thanks to a wave spring with swivel compression plate for vertical force. Packaging is a 3.1- by 3.45-mm DFN with 1.28-mm pitch that has six positions with device cavities for simultaneous testing. Its small footprint allows inductors, resistors, and decoupling capacitors to be placed close to the device for impedance tuning. Functionality includes quick device screening, device characterization at extreme temperatures, and final production test.


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