Electronic Design

Fiber-Optic Lines Satisfy Many Illumination Needs

OptiLine fiber-optic lines are ideal for use as splash and function lighting in small, inaccessible areas as well as for backlighting a variety of products such as bezels in consumer electronic items, medical and data equipment, automotive radio, and HVAC controls. They're available in assemblies with 50,000-hour super-bright LED light sources. These assemblies can be used for multilayered illumination employing a mixture of fiber-optic layers for multicolored lighting effects, different degrees of brightness, and a variety of appearances from a neon glow to soft, diffuse accent lighting. They consume only 30 mA and feature an average thickness of about 0.053 in. for a single layer, typically using styrene as the stiffener. Pricing ranges from $0.80 to $1.50/in.2

Poly-Optical Products Inc.
www.poly-optical.com; (949) 250-8557

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