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Fibre Optic Feedthroughs Guarantee Hermeticity

Withstanding rigid testing for hermeticity with certification available, the company offers a comprehensive range of Fibre optic feedthroughs including standard connectors: FC for single-mode or graded-index Fibre and SMA for large core Fibre from 140 µm to 1,000 µm. Additional components include ST connectors for all types of silica Fibre from 140 µm to 1,000 µm, FC/APC for single-mode Fibre, and polarization-maintaining FC for PM Fibre. Hermeticity values range from 10 to 2 to 10 to 9 Torr and pressure values range from a few millibars to 1,000 bars. Custom solutions are also available with no discontinuity. LASER COMPONENTS IG Inc., Hudson, NH. (603) 821-7040.


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