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Fibril Added To Compound Arsenal For Easier Molding

LNP Engineering Plastics announces that it is now producing compounds based on Hyperion Catalysis International's Graphite Fibril Nanofiber technology. The firm states that the material is designed to complement its existing range of additives, such as carbon powder, carbon fiber, nickel-coated carbon fiber, stainless-steel fiber, and conductive polymer alloys that are compounded into its Stat-Kon line of composites. When compared with traditional conductive additives, Fibrils impart useful ESD properties at significantly lower loading levels. Advantages include easier molding, especially lower warpage compared with fiber or stainless-steel fiber based compounds due to its 0.01 micron diameter. Fibrils provide uniform electrical characteristics and zero residual voltage in static decay testing and are well-suited for use in the automotive and hard disk drive industries.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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