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FIP Compound Helps Shield Handheld And Portable Products

Handheld and portable products are the primary targets of a new foam-in-place (FIP), conductive elastomeric material that cures to form soft, low-durometer gaskets. The new EMI shielding material offers the low closure force needed in small, snap-fit enclosures such as are used to house cell phones and other handhelds. The FIP compound can be applied to enclosures with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.020".
Because it is air-cured, the material can be used on plastic parts without concern for deformation associated with heat cured compounds. In addition, the gasketing material can be handled for up to several minutes and fully cures in 24 to 48 hours. These curing characteristics, as well as other properties, enable the EMI gasket material to be used in high-volume production operations such as are employed in making portables.

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