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Flange-Mounted USB 2.0 Connectors Endure Harsh Environs

Flange-Mounted USB 2.0 Connectors Endure Harsh Environs

The latest incarnation of CONEC’s bayonet-locking industrial USB 2.0 connector features a four-hole, flange-mount, nickel-plated die-cast housing. Adding the four-hole mounting gives the extra protection needed for harsh environment elements, as well as facilitates on-the-fly connections for industrial applications. The water-resistant connectors can be mounted on the front or rear side of enclosure panels up to 3.2 mm thick. The interface meets IP67-rating requirements when mated or covered with a protective cap. M28 threads offer an additional connection method to bayonet locking. Operating temperature ranges from −40 to +80°C, with a 1.5-A maximum current rating at 25°C. Also, the connectors feature 100-V dc voltage handling.


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