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Flexible Foams Can Endure Repeated Compression Cycles

Mechanically-mixed, non-glazing Durethane M microcellular urethane foams are targeted for use in feed rollers, printing pads, idler belts, and a host of other components found in business and other machines. The urethane elastomer's uniform cell size is said to provide excellent compression set, allowing the components to return to their original shape after being compressed. And the microcellular foams can endure repeated compression cycles.
Durethane M can be custom formulated to achieve a range of specific characteristics, including hardness (durometer), shock absorption, and integral skin. Conductive formulations offering electrostatic dissipation (ESD) properties are also available. These materials are made using a propietary process that does not use carbon black and that reportedly does not compromise the performance of the material.


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