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Flexible Shielded Cable Targets Apps Up To 18 GHz

The flexible SM series cable will find its way into applications ranging from dc to 18 GHz, such as military electronic-countermeasure and guidance systems, commercial antennas, and commercial communications. The cable also works for any application where compact or densely spaced RF interconnections are needed. Two sizes are currently available: The SM402 is designed for use with 0.141-in. semirigid connectors, and the SM405 works with 0.086-in. semirigid connectors. The outer shield of both cables consists of a braided layer over a served foil, providing greater than 100 dB of shielding. At 1 GHz, the attenuation of the SM402 is 11.6 dB/100 ft. Minimum inside bend radius for the SM405 is 0.15 in., ensuring an easy fit in tight installation spaces. Both have an operating-temperature range of -65°C to 125°C. Pricing ranges from $1.03/ft to $2.36/ft, depending on quantity ordered.

Semflex Inc. www.semflex.com; (800) 778-4401

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