Four-Pair PROFINET Cables Enable Higher Data Rates

Four-Pair PROFINET Cables Enable Higher Data Rates

Harting’s new four-pair cables for the industrial networking standard PROFINET permit data rates to be boosted from 100 Mbits/s up to 10 Gbits/s. They come in two versions. Type A is for fixed installation, while type B is offered for flexible installation.

While the PROFINET cable for fixed installation requires only inner wire conductors, tinned stranded wires ensure the necessary mobility in the variant for flexible applications. As per the PROFINET guidelines, the outer sheath in the PIMF versions is made of green PVC.

The four-pair Ethernet cables meet the criteria for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) separation class d pursuant to EN 50174-2 and resist increased lateral crush loads in the harsh industrial environment. In addition, they are flame-resistant and UV-resistant.


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