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Full-Seal Backshell Offers More Durability And Shielding

Full-Seal Backshell Offers More Durability And Shielding

The Spin-Lock variable-angle backshell is designed for durability, better shielding and offering full sealing capabilities. Providing straight, 45°, and 90° cable terminations, the backshell’s swivel body rotates around the axis of the cable bundle, thereby minimizing stress on the wire bundle and providing better strain relief compared with other termination systems. The Spin-Lock backshell provides robust strain relief of cable bundles, reliable shield termination using the Tinel-Lock ring system or bandstrap, and sealed termination with a standard, proven heat-shrinkable molded shape and adhesive system. To meet application needs—including the replacement of cadmium—the Spin-Lock variable-angle backshell will be available in composite or aluminum with a choice of electro-less nickel or zinc-nickel plating, with nickel Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a future option. For more information, contact the Product Information Center at (800) 522-6752.


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