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Gold-Plated Connector Boasts Less Than 25-mΩ Resistance

Gold-Plated Connector Boasts Less Than 25-mΩ Resistance

The Zebra Gold Series 8000B connector can transfer both data and power between parallel components or circuit boards. Developed by Fujipoly, the interconnect device is constructed from a low durometer silicone core covered with 133 parallel rows of flat, gold-plated wires per inch. As a result, the connector can accommodate printed circuit boards (PCBs) with pad center spacing down to 0.19 mm. Each 0.05- by 0.10-mm gold-plated element has a 500-mA current-carrying capacity with a typical electrical resistance of under 25 mΩ on a 0.635-mm-wide contact pad. The device will find homes in advanced portable electronic device that require specialized connectors to make electrical contact between the PCB and intricate user interfaces (e.g., LCDs and touchscreens). Other applications include board-to-board electronic packaging with tight pad spacing and board separation tolerances.


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